Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

a photo of my hands taken at work, excuse the sneakers in the background!

FYI: A post based on the Weekly Photo Challenge on the Daily Post blog. I’ll be doing these weekly, just to get in the habit of writing in here often.

The photo challenge for this week was “Down”. Mine is pretty simple. I looked down to see my hands. For as long as I could remember, I’ve hated the way my hands looked. When I was in high school they were not as small & dainty as those other girl’s. The fingers were too long, too skeletal. Rings would never fit or they’d simply slide off, prompting a fit from my mother.

Today I look at my hands and see achievement, experience, and individuality. Years of playing the violin, circling in standardized test bubbles, handing over relay-race batons, and writing page after page of essays are some of the great things that my hands (and probably yours too!) have done.

Besides! Without these dear hands of mine, I would not be capable of typing up this entry.

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