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so one of my new years resolutions was “start a blog. make it public. be completely unashamed.”

and here it is.

yes, i’m about two months late, but I chose to start on the first day of March just to signify that it’s the beginning of something! haha hmmm. what else… i have absolutely no code experience whatsoever so i’ve helped myself to one of WordPress’s 160+ blog templates. I found this one the most simple.

anyway, all aesthetics aside, this blog was created to help me grow–hence the name “Blog Therapy”. I only added the “à la mode” since the domain name “blogtherapy” was not available. Plus, I always thought French added a bit o’ flair to just about anything.

also, this blog is completely public. I’ve even gone ahead (stupidly?) and publicized this blog via Facebook status update. whoever you all may be, i hope you guys will read my uninteresting streams of consciousness and help me out by commenting.

and a little out-of-context aside to myself:

Jenn. try hard to get better, for your sake and for anyone who loves you. it’s extremely clichéd to say the least, but change starts with you first. don’t be afraid, try everything once, trust yourself, and be confident.

Happy Reading!

here goes.